“I love the vibe of the Sanctuary
– a deeply peaceful, elegant silence.
It holds the work we do
in such grace.”

~ Peggy Sands

“Keith has been a wonderful partner
for us, and we have really enjoyed coming back to the Community Sanctuary for our authentic relating training courses. He has been incredibly helpful, makes it easy to
coordinate, and continues to be flexible
and supportive in meeting 
our needs.
We are deeply 
grateful to have such
a special 
place to gather.”

~ Jamie Grant
Operations Manager
ART International

“Doing creative work/play
in the Sanctuary is inspiring! It has
a beautiful ambience that helps one easily center and enter the Flow. Thank you indeed for making this available!”

~ Paul

“The Community Sanctuary is such
a warm, inviting and cozy space, and
the building has a stillness and sacred
energy that permeates. I love
holding events here!”

~Jeff Orrey

“Playing in the Sanctuary
is an awesome experience and Keith
is very supportive and helpful in
making our events a success!”

~ DT

“When I look around the room at
a Sanctuary event, I see so many faces
expressing calm, joy and devotion.
Transformation happens here,
and I’m deeply honored
to be part of it.”

~ Andrew Penziner

“When you enter the space
there’s almost an immediate shift, an
awareness of kindness, peace …a comforting
vibration that seems to embrace that place.
I’ve used it to do a couple of events
as well as playing with the band
– it is always sweet.”

~ Attu Wab

“This hidden gem of a sanctuary has it all:
a clean and well-tended multifunctional space,
a convenient, accessible and quiet
location off North Broadway
and great parking!”

~Tova J.

“The Boulder Community Sanctuary
is beautiful, affordable, user friendly
and, best of all, has great energy!
A wonderful space for Breathwork,
Kirtan and other energy based programs.
Highly recommended!”

~ Mike Cohen, MA.
Kirtan Leader Institute founder.

Located under the silent watch of the Rockies, the Sanctuary is situated on the 2nd floor of a large office building located at 1025 Rosewood Avenue in North Boulder. The building hosts numerous spiritual groups, the milieu is one of growth.

The main room is 36’x 25′, with a separate 12′ x 9 1/2′ entranceway and a small storeroom off to the side. Backjacks, a sound system, cushions and mattresses are available for you to use. Outside the main Sanctuary space is a kitchenette area, with two bathrooms on either side and two more downstairs. There is ample parking out front. The Foothills Trail is just across the street, affording group participants an easy and beautiful way to be in nature during workshop breaks.

North Boulder is the ‘artists area’ of this city: creative, a little funky, with excellent coffeeshops in easy walking distance as well as plenty of wonderful alternative restaurants (this is foodie-city-Boulder, after all). The nearest supermarket is a 10 minute walk from us, a 7 minute walk along the Foothills Trail brings you to Wonderland Lake. The foothills rise up three hundred feet to the west of us, and a 15 minute drive brings you high into the mountains.